What We Can All Learn From Revisiting WWII


So I have avoided a political Blog post for many reasons. My interests have always been social dynamics, paganism/religion, psychological processes that impact the homosexual. But one cannot deny how politics impact the reality of our lives, you can’t just bury you head in the sand and hope they go away. It’s important to be engaged in the politics of where you live and exercise the power of your opinion through voting, and yes even debating with your fellow citizens. Here in the USA we’ve got a long way to go with different issues compared to some first world nations, yet compared with the world as whole we are much further ahead. While we might be dealing with theocratic garbage trying to pass ridiculous “religious freedom” bills and bathroom laws, other nations are dealing with the death penalty for practicing homosexuality. Let’s be honest the Theocrats are fighting a losing battle. Where is their battle field? They can no longer use the law to arrest us in our bars or bar us from marriage. They are getting petty and trying to whine over bathrooms with misinformed illogical arguments that even moderate voting America sees as ridiculous. So no I don’t think America is that bad a place to live. There are still hate crimes and issues to consider, but if you it give a global perspective. I could live in a country where writing this blog as an open homosexual could give me a death penalty (by stoning even, look at what ISIS is doing to gay men). However, there is a serious looming threat to all of the liberties we earned under the law being taken from us and perhaps even laws of persecution being enabled. It’s time to address the issue and stop chasing after ideals that aren’t going to happen overnight. Progress takes time and a willingness to compromise and take small baby steps instead of expecting giant leaps or nothing at all. But rights can be taken away to a point of the genocide of millions in a few short years of presidency.


One era in history that I’ve been particularly interested in revisiting this election year has been 1930s-1940s when fascists almost ruled the world. I would certainly hope that my readers are historically literate enough to be familiar with one of history’s most hated men, Adolf Hitler. Hitler fought in the first world war with his country Germany and they lost. They, like the rest of the world, went through a period called “the great depression” where the fresh and new global economy was greatly damaged. When we hit the 1930s people are trying to find ways to rebuild and generate new economic prosperity for their countries. Hitler was a Nationalist, he preached how he loved Germans and Germany and used his patriotism to win over the hearts of his voters. He also had a hatred of Jews and believed they were the reason for Germany’s misfortune. He also believed white people were a superior race worthy enjoying greater economic prosperity and quality of life then immigrants. With a country defeated by the previous world war and struggling to get back on its feet from the great depression, the propaganda of a White Supremacist Nationalist was a ray of hope for stability. Indeed, it was easy for Hitler to demonize Jews (though immoral) as they did enjoy economic success in a time that Germany was vulnerable. Using them was a scapegoat was easy to economically struggling Germans with wounded pride from the first world war.


Hitler was a charismatic and democratically elected politician.

Hitler did not promise the extermination of Jews to the democratic voting public, just ensuring they didn’t enjoy more economic success then Germans that should have more by birth rite in their own country (I hope you’re making connections to modern politics at this point). After Hitler won, he began slowly taking away the rights of Jews (who already had a long history of trying to earn these rights from previously being persecuted all over Europe). It started with forcing them to step down from positions of political power or career success (Jews in public office, Jewish professors in universities). Then he took away their right to do business. Then he forced them to be deported from the country. With no country agreeing to allow them to immigrate (considering this is millions of people). Germany stuck them in Ghettos where they were living on the streets. Politicians, Professors, Artists, Bankers, Farmers, and the like were all now living together in the same conditions and doing forced labor benefiting the Nazis simply so they could be useful enough not to be killed. People were dying from starvation and disease and Germans bullied them constantly for “misbehaving.” In Berlin, people constantly wondered how to handle the “Jewish problem” until finally Hitler passed the “final solution.” Jews would now be hunted down and exterminated. Of course the public only thought the Jews were being confined to camps and ghettos and working under the “gentle care” of the SS and did not know the true extent of how horrible they were. As Firing squads became obsolete as they were not efficient methods of extermination, were messy, and used up ammunition that could be better used on battle fields. The Nazis created death camps to systematically murder Jews in Gas chambers that were to young, old, or sick to do harsh labor (that would eventually kill them anyway).


If you didn’t die in the gas chamber or being killed because you were sick, you died of starvation and/or harsh labor.


Where millions died a 25 minute death of being gassed crammed among hundreds of people at a time. The Nazi gas chambers.


All victims of the concentration camps had to wear these symbols corresponding to their “offense” on their shirt while there…note homosexuals are included.


Gay Men were made to wear a pink upside down triangle in concentration camps. They were made to do the harshest labor according the Smithsonian holocaust museum. Over 60,000 of them are estimated to of died in the holocaust.

However, the Jews were not the only ones being used to labor until they died and were replaced by new ones. Gay men and women, prisoners of war, Gypsies, Jehovah’s witness, the mentally or physically disabled, those that challenged the political power of the Nazis, and just general criminals, and so on. These too were sent to concentration camps and systematically murdered in gas chambers or otherwise labored until they were no longer useful and killed (because they got sick or starved). By the time the holocaust was over 6 million Jews alone were murdered by the Nazis. 60,000 gay men (sense this is a blog focusing on Gay men) died as a result too, and after the concentration camps were liberated, gay men were thrown back in prison sense sodomy laws were still enforced by the allies that won, while the Jews were freed and went on to endure their own struggles attempting to find homes.


Camp Laborers had the “privilege” to not be gassed and sometimes had to cremate those corpses of the victims that died in the gas chambers hundreds at a time. As well as anyone else who died of starvation, or harsh labor in the camp. Consider that many of these labors realized they would likely eventually face the same fate. This is why some have called concentration camps “death factories.”


Corpses of victims of the gas chamber piled up on top of each other, soon to be taken to a crematorium. Many were stripped naked and had their hair shaved before being gassed so the Nazis could make wigs and sell their cloths.

How horrible was this? It might have been the most horrific thing that ever happened in the history of the 1900s. Not only is the sheer number of lives lost the size of some countries. But the horrors of their living conditions before death were dehumanizing and deplorable. Some laborers in the concentration camps got the “privilege” to live and cremate the corpses of the victims who died in thousands in the gas chambers as their shrill screams and burnt flesh odor filled the air. The corpses were processed like commodities by laborers who would soon face the same fate. Their hair was shaven to be used as wigs, their teeth were processed to take out any gold fillings. The reality of these things were truly horrific and dehumanized and crushed any hope or personhood the victims had.


Why am I exploring this time of history? Because it could happen again. We need a reality check. I was Bernie supporter throughout the elections. I consider myself to be a democratic socialist and have been a Marxists since before I was even old enough to vote (I am currently 25). Bernie brought the promise of massive improvements that Hillary Clinton and others in the democratic party could not. He had an integrity that even republicans respected (one of which was in fact John McCain). However, It’s become clear at this stage in the game he is not going to win DNC, unless an unlikely miracle occurs and the delegates go against popular vote. Hillary Clinton is corrupt with corporate money; she is a product of a system we all as Bernie supporters want dismantled for many reasons that I all ideally agree with. However, are we just going to pretend GOP’s to-be Nominee Donald Trump doesn’t exist? His political campaign is similar to how Hitler got his power. He promises to build a wall around Mexico. He blames immigrants for the economic distress of our nation. Rather we agree with his philosophy or Hillary’s is beside the point. I am watching history repeat itself in front of my very eyes and Bernie supporters want to Bernie or bust instead of compromising and voting for Hillary to ensure he loses?


I have not seen a single Bernie or bust idealist address this very real threat in their discontentment with the system. I am discontent with the system. I think our tradition of pride has been corrupted with corporate money that doesn’t give any authentic care to our cause. HRC has played lobbying games that gets them in bed with a corporate system that ultimately keeps the problem of capitalism alive. Hillary is the same problem. Yes, yes, yes…I get it all, I have said it myself. It was the very reason I voted for Bernie in the NC primaries where I lived. I watched as Hillary slowly won one state after another. Regardless of rather this is fair, of rather it matches our ideals, of rather it could have been different for whatever reason…it’s happened. It’s what we are going to have to deal with unless Hillary gets indicted or DNC makes the unlikely decision to go against popular vote. You can critique the system all you want and express your discontent as much as you want, but come November its appears as though we can either unite behind Hillary or permit Trump to become a major world leader as president of the United States by choosing not to vote for her (voting against her WILL NOT result in your ideal candidate winning). It’s time to address the reality of the situation, writing in Bernie in out of spite for Hillary Clinton WILL NOT get Bernie in office…but what it will do is permit Donald Trump to become president. You can say you don’t want to support an oppressive system you don’t like until you’re blue in the face. But doing so only permits Trump to win rather its fair or not, rather you like it or not, rather you consider Clinton corrupt or not. You have ideals that frankly I do agree with, will not help us when we begin to live under the consequences of a Trump administration.

Trump is not only going to be president, but he’s going to choose the supreme court justices, he’s going to have other important politicians of his choice making important decisions that regulate our lives. While Clinton is going to keep a corrupt status quo intact that perpetuates the problems of capitalism and corporate corruption, her regard for human rights WILL BE BETTER than Donald Trumps. Just because she’s not been AS GOOD as Bernie and has voted against marriage equality in the past, doesn’t mean she will be as terrible as Trump. If you doubt me, continue to tell me why you voted for a third party candidate as we get gassed as a result of Trump’s Administration because you were just to darn stubborn to compromise with the lesser evil of a Clinton Administration.  Clinton may keep a problematic system alive, but at least she won’t lead us into the second holocaust. We can always compromise with an unideal candidate and live to fight another day, but our treasured ideals will not help us if we are persecuted under fascist administration.

If you doubt the severity of Trump’s political philosophy compare the American Nazi Party’s website to Donald Trump’s campaign website. They are virtually based on the same basic philosophy. Immigrants and social programs for minorities are the reason for economic hardship and action must be taken to correct this problem. Just try to get inside of their head read their websites and think. The problem of economics is the limitation of resources. Currently we live in a system where an economic elite hold most of the resources and get to choose how they want to redistribute that to those that work for them with minimal regulation. Believe it or not Nazis are socialists their original name in Germany was the “national socialist party.” They sought to regulate the free market by taking away the economic resources of Jews and giving them back to the people of national heritage in Germany. Us democratic socialists want to ensure the economic elite are obligated under law to give a democratic government their resources that will ideally be redistributed to the working class and minorities in need to provide greater economic equality for everyone. I agree with the latter philosophy. Most Bernie supporters do as well. However is we allow a fascist to win instead of someone who maintains the current status quo as our only other likely option, how is that going to help our cause in the long run? No matter how corrupt our current system run by oppressive economic elitists, it will not compare to that of the horrors of a fascist and his administrative rule. Would you like to see Mexicans and other Hispanics being deported? If they can’t find a way to get to other countries what will a fascist administration do to them? They will be put to work to benefit the fascist administration with no human rights as USA citizens and likely be systematically exploited and exterminated to a greater degree than ever before under our current system. Do you really want to see that happen because you were unwilling to compromise?


How about Muslims, (the modern day Jew if compared to the context of WW2). Trump says that they should all be registered and prevented from entering the USA. I seriously doubt Clinton will do the same thing. Even though she is funded by oil companies and JP Morgan and all those groups that were the true puppet masters of the war in the middle east…I doubt she will persecute Muslims here at home and even if she encourages a war that will effect Muslim lives overseas…how will her policies compare in blatant and direct islamophobia to that of Trumps? Would Bernie be better then both Clinton and Trump, well DUH!!!! But he will not be an option, while everyone in the Bernie or Bust movement votes for him they are the small gap that could make the slightest difference to ensure Hillary and NOT Trump wins. While they may feel like they are sticking by their principles, it’s a meaningless gesture that does nothing to ensure their ideals make a difference as they permit someone a thousand times worse than Hillary to get in office and likely persecute them later. Your ideals are precious and I agree with them. But they are meaningless if we get persecuted for them under an administration that is the extreme opposite of us in the political spectrum. If Trump wins not only will we be fighting a war that is islamophobia and corrupted by oil companies in nature…but such islamophobia will be legalized here in the states and Muslims will be registered and systematically deported and probably even exterminated, regardless of it they are terrorists or not. You can say there is islamophobia in the states now and I agree. But what I am saying is that it will GET WORSE under Trump as opposed to Hillary who might not entirely fix it, but at least she won’t make it worse.

I do not think wanting Bernie to win and agreeing with his ideals are unrealistic, what I think is immature and rather foolish however, is thinking voting for him even though it’s clear he has no chance to win while Hillary is endorsed by DNC. Bernie would undoubtedly win if Hillary was out of the picture, but until that happens she is our best chance to stopping a fascist from getting to a very serious place of power. I frankly think the only thing that stands in her way from winning is Bernie or bust choosing to lay down their pride and making a compromise. The only reason theoretical polls say Bernie would win over Trump is the assumption that Hillary is not in the picture anymore and rather we like it or not, it doesn’t appear as though that’s going to change.


Trump is not simply going to disappear because we don’t like Hillary and prefer Bernie. He’s sitting their pretty much loving the fact that the Left is not united enough to stop him. I am watching history repeat itself and the only people permitting it to happen are those not willing to compromise and dismissing the real possibility that the holocaust could happen again. A great movie to watch where this is explored in a movie on Netflix called “he’s back.” A German movie where Hitler gets transported to modern day from the past at the last moment before he committed suicide as the allied forces where cornering him in Berlin.  He walks around and everyone thought he was a comedian (cause Hitler is gone right? That would never happen again HAHAHA). A film profession discovers him and puts him on a comedy show as a Hitler impersonator. Hitler being smart enough to use this to his advantage spread propaganda through people who think he’s funny. Before you knew it he ran political campaigns promoting nationalism under the guise of the green party (preserve the environment of Germany for the good of GERMANY!!!) He used the modern xenophobic beliefs of current immigrants and Islam for his humor…because people actually believe it (there is truth behind every joke). Before you know it he’s actually a celebrity running for prime minister. It happened again because people didn’t take him seriously and nobody did anything truly to stop it. Here we are laughing at Donald Trump like his xenophobia and bigotry is a joke…but people really believe in him and are going to the polls to put him in charge while we are busy being too self-righteous in the left to compromise and unite against him. I am not willing to be so self-righteous as a democratic socialist that I am not willing to put up with capitalism a few more years just to stop fascism from ruling. This is serious…for the sake of our ancestors Jewish, gypsy, gay, and all else that died horrible deaths in the holocaust. Let’s do right by the memory of them. Let’s do everything in our power from stopping that from happening again. Compromise and vote for whoever has the best chance from stopping a mad man from coming to power.



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